Police vision

EFFICOM: FOR EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATIONS Efficom’s main activity lies in the publishing of magazines and specialized calendars, covering all design and production steps as well as advertising sales for all its editions. Their numerous publications, such as Police Vision , are distributed across Canada. Because they put their lives on the line for us… every single day! Every hour of every day of the year, in Canada from coast to coast, close to 60 000  police officers risk their lives to ensure our safety. From traffic offenses to home invasions, violent crimes or family drama, what would we do if we could not count on our police force? What motivates them? Call of Duty is one of the main reasons why these men and women in uniform do what they do every day. On behalf of all of us across Canada, EFFICOM salutes the courage and commitment of our police officers, proud members of the Canadian Police Association. Your work is greatly appreciated.