THE NATIONAL VOICE FOR CANADIAN POLICE PERSONNEL POLICE VISION 1 2019 EDITION PUBLISHER Office 600 Campbell Street, Suite 201 Cornwall, Ontario K6H 6C9 Phone: 1 800 361-6158 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Marcel Forest, ADM.A. ADVERTISING SALES DIRECTOR André Labonté SALES MANAGER Margaret Payette BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT REPRESENTATIVE Robert Boulé GRAPHIC DESIGNER DIRECTOR Nancy Bossé CUSTOMER SERVICE DIRECTOR Nancy Thibeault Index 2 President’s Message 3 Message du président 4 A Message from the Honourable Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness 5 Un message de l’honorable Ralph Goodale, ministre de la Sécurité publique et de la Protection civile 6 Canadian Police Association 2018 Biennial Meeting 8 2018 CPAAwards of Excellence Recipient Constable Brett Girard 9 2018 CPAAwards of Excellence Recipients Sergeant David Cowan and Constable Tyler White 10 Past Service Recognized 12 Why Unions? The Role of Police Associations in the Twenty-First Century 14 A Changing Environment: Taking Representation to a Higher Level 16 Expiration Date 17 Safe Driving is Officer Safety 18 Canadian Police and Peace Officers’ 41st Annual Memorial Service 20 Why Canadian Police are so Good at not Shooting People 22 Dealing with Dementia 24 Serving the Front-Line 26 Body-worn cameras: Postponed? 27 Les caméras portatives : partie remise? 28 “Binding arbitration” – Level the playing field 29 L’arbitrage exécutoire – « L’équilibre des forces! » 30 Tipping Sacred Cows: The Evidence Base for Situation Tables and Hubs 33 CPA-Robert Warner Memorial Fund 34 Policing ‘Down Under’ Budgets and Numbers 36 Exit Wounds A NATIONAL PERSPECTIVE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE CANADIAN POLICE ASSOCIATION Community safety is an important part of the Canadian landscape and is a key factor in maintaining vibrant communities where Canadians want to live, work, learn and play. Professional policing is an essential part of keeping our communities safe. The CPA is proud to represent 60,000 frontline police personnel from coast to coast in Canada. Photo Harry De Jong